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    Why is FedEx so slow?

    I have been using the FedEx tracker to track my phone. It left West Chester. PA on Thursday, arrived and left from Newark, NJ on Friday and arrived here in the Destination Sorting place in Richmond, VA at 7:30 this morning. I am not going to get my phone until Monday, though because "we didn't pay for Saturday shipping" So basically my phone is just sitting here maybe 25 miles away from my house and it will take TWO DAYS for it to get here??? WHYYY?? just throw it on a truck with all the other shipments coming to my area!!!! is there a way to tell it to get here today????? HELPPPP!!!
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    Maybe you could pick it up, call and ask. Fedex charges you based on the delivery time. Overnight, one-day, two-day, etc. You pay more, you get your item faster. Saturday delivery is an extra charge, and if you didn't pay the extra for Saturday delivery, they are not going to deliver it to you on a Saturday.
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    • I know they're nowhere near as good as UPS.

      by Kitten - 7 hours ago

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