Does Sears drug test at the initial interview?

Im a pretty innocent clean cut looking young lady and I have an interview with Sears in two days. Im pretty sure I can get the job just based on my availability however, I do smoke marijuana during my "personal" time. Come on who hasn't! Just was wondering if anyone who has interviewed with sears or works there knows if they absolutely drug test everyone and when if so. Please no A-Holes trying to lecture me. I'm actually a very smart and professional person who just graduated school!

4 years ago - 2 answers

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I don't think sears drug tests at all. But if they do and you don't get the job maybe you will wake up and stop smoking that crap.

4 years ago

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no company drug tests you unless they actually hire you and then if you fail, you will be immediately fired

just so you know - marijuana stays in the fat cells of your body for 30 days - could show up in a drug test

by Doctor Deth - 4 years ago