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    What does 3-5 business days mean?

    Because i ordered a phone online and i want to how long it will take to come.
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    it means 3-5 days not counting weekends such as saturday or sunday. so if you ordered it today, then you would get it next week on wednesday or by friday.
    a few seconds ago

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    • 3-5 business days is need 3-5days without weekend, you will get it. do u buy it from another country? if yes ,the time will be confirmed by the ship way. Your order use express,you can ask the seller to give your the tranking number,and than you can go to the web to follow your phone! Good LUCK! hope you can get your phone with 3 days!

      by DHsee - 13 hours ago

    • duhhh business days mean monday- friday... weekends dnt count.. so it means 3-5 days of week days not weekends are not included

      by Sara - 13 hours ago

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