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    How much do costco employees get paid?

    I heard something like around $20 an hour. Does anyone know what they start at? And is it the same at every costco? Please also say where you're from, and any other information that may be helpful (ie. raises etc.)
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    They start at 11 dollars a hour and pay raises based on how many hours you have worked. You top out around 20 dollars a hour.
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    • Im the only person at my St Charles, IL Costco that is under 18 (Im 17) and i started at 11 like everybody else. I move up to 11.25 about 3 or 4 months after i started (which was when it opened, so mot people were gettin the same pay and raise as me). From what ive heard, supervisors get paid 1 dollar per hour more than the top paid cashier (which is just the person that has worked in the Front End for the longest) and that top cashier is usually around 20 bucks an hour. The benefits are good, but since im 17, im under my parents so it doesnt really affect me. I just know i do not enjoy working there, but for the pay, I can deal with it

      by Preo - 3 hours ago

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