How can I use my Wal-mart employee discount on Sam's club online purchase?

Hi everyone, I working on Wal-mart, but I am gonna buy a Desktop from Sam's club This computer only available online, so is it any way i can use my employee discount on Sam's club online?
Thank you so much for yall time

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Unfortunately you can not use your Walmart discount card towards Sam's Club purchases, whether it is in a Sam's Club store or on their official website. Even though they are sister companies they don't use the same systems to accept the same discount card.

Walmart Associates have a discount card while Sams Club Associates have a Sam's Club membership card. See, completly two different types of "discount cards".

As for if you can use your Walmart discount card on, I'm not sure but as far as I know, no you can not.


5 years ago

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nope, you have to have a sam's card to buy at sams and there is no discount

by jlmjake - 5 years ago