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    What does "in transit" mean on the FedEX tracking site?

    So i've been tracking my package and this it what it says so far.... Date/Time - Activity - Location - Details 2/16/09 2:02 AM - In transit - TOLEDO, OH 2/14/09 8:47 AM - Departed FedEx location - BLOOMINGTON, CA 2/14/09 12:35 AM - Arrived at FedEx location - BLOOMINGTON, CA 2/13/09 8:36 PM - Left FedEx origin facility - SAN DIEGO, CA 2/13/09 7:39 PM - Arrived at FedEx location - SAN DIEGO, CA 2/13/09 5:31 PM - Picked up - SAN DIEGO, CA 2/13/09 2:06 PM - Shipment information sent to FedEx So i can understand what the rest of it means... But what does "In Transit" mean? I know what the word means, but i dont understand it in this context.
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    in transit means that its off the frieght truck, and on the local truck. it should be too you within the next 24hours.
    a few seconds ago

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    • you should get your package soon.they get kinda slow sometimes

      by john l - 20 hours ago

    • It has been sent and not yet arrived.

      by runner1 - 20 hours ago

    • exactly waht it says...in transit... its on the way...

      by YF - 20 hours ago

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