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    (ebay)Do I have to buy the postage shipping label on pay-pal before i receive the money?

    i havn't sold anything on ebay before so im a little confused. I sold my item and when i go to print out the shipping lable it asks for the weight which i don't know becuase i dont have those type of scales in my house. Can't i just copy and paste, print the adress, stick it on the package and go to the post office? I'm asking because on my pay pal it says the sellers status is on hold post now so i'm thinking do i have to buy the postage from pay pal first b4 i receive the money.
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    You do not have to buy postage through Paypal. You can go to the post office and pay postage there. Remember to purchase Delivery Confirmation. However, there are advantages to usint Paypal to purchase postage. Postage online is discounted for Priority Mail, plus free delivery confirmation for Priority packages. Discounted Delivery confirmation cost for other postage classifications. If you a re going to be a frequent eBay seller, purchase a shipping scale. You will almost never have to step foot in the post office.
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