How do I get Pizza Hut to resend my W-2? I moved and need them to resend to correct address?

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By law, this document must reach you. Call your old manager and let him/her know. He/She must get it to you and if refused, you should threaten with a (possibly made up) lawyer family member after explaining that by law you must be supplied with this document. It's not worth the trouble on their part, so you'll have it in a jiffy.

5 years ago

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Call your former boss, and explain the situation to them. They can have new W2's sent to you.

by daniaka - 5 years ago

Did you file a change of address with the post office? If yes, and it is less than 6 months old, the post office will forward it to you, it just takes a couple weeks.

If you did not file a change of address you will have to contact your old job and find out who you need to call and how much they charge to re-issue the W2 for you.

Good luck

by Gem - 5 years ago

Contact them, they will point you in the right direction or directions to get on the website to get it.

by je t'aime - 5 years ago

Laura id dead wrong.

They can, but don't "have" to. It is just like a court document, they are just responsible for sending to your last "known" address, and some things the post office isn't allowed to forward because of privacy issues...It is YOUR responsiblity to change your address with everyone, not just the post office. This includes the DMV, IRS, employer, past employers within the last year, etc.

by fishlakeguy - 5 years ago

Contact corporate and explain. I'm sure they're getting tons of these calls right now.

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