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    What is the difference between a teller and a cashier?

    I want to know what is the responsibility of a teller and a cashier when working in a shop or office?
    3 months ago 4 Answers

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    A cashier works with cash transactions, a teller will work with all transactions. A teller usually has had more experience. Its quite fuzzy, but if your job description has teller in it it worth an extra 2.50 an hour :)
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • A teller usually applies to a bank teller and cashiers ussually work in stores :) hope that helps

      by radelan - 18 hours ago

    • I think a teller is just the name of a cashier who works in a bank. Kinda like how a stripper is referred to as an "exotic dancer" in certain situations.

      by Matty B - 18 hours ago

    • hard matter. look into at yahoo and bing. that will will help!

      by Mary - 18 hours ago

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