How long does the USPS address change last ?

I just bought these glasses off of ebay and I forgot to change my primary shipping address. But about two months ago I moved and changed my address. If the seller ships the package to my old address, will USPS still forward it to my new address??

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A change of address is good for 12 months for first-class mail. There is no such thing as an "extension" for a change of address. After a year, you should have changed the address on all of your mail.


5 years ago

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I have changed my address for the usual six months and due to a few weeks lay-over on my way back to home in WI. I need an extra month added to my change of address. Can I extend it and then file a HOLD card to cover the difference ? And if so, how do I submit this extension?

by Philip - 4 weeks ago