Does UPS deliver on sunday?

I ordered a pair of uggs online last wednesday, the 17th. I tracked the order online and it said that it arrived in my city yesterday. It's in transition... I was thinking since it's christmas that they would deliver on sunday? Or will it arrive on monday? Thanks!

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Packages move through their system on weekends, but they don't deliver on Sundays. Expect it tomorrow.

5 years ago

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They only count as business days so saturdays and sundays don't count

by MissA - 5 years ago

monday... they will never deliver on sunday sorry =(

by Emmanuel L - 5 years ago

Never on Sunday.

by Smallbusiness - 5 years ago

No. ups does not deliver on sundays. and YES. they do deliver on saturdays but you have to pay a lot extra! and only on air packages, but if you ordered them only a few days ago (ups ground??) then they wont be guaranteed due to the high volume of packages for the holiday season. so it should be estimated to get there on monday. hope that helps. :)


by Kenny Cheesy - 5 years ago

If DHL did this, they might still be in the domestic shipping business. Neither FedEx nor UPS does it.

I've been in DHL's lobby hundreds of times. The posters hanging in there always say they "go the extra mile"...whatever, if they delivered on Sundays then yea I might believe them. But they're gone now (domestically).

FedEx might do Sunday delivery someday...UPS is too fuddy-duddy and unionized to even think about it.


by gbreadmann - 5 years ago

whaaaa they delivered in fl on sunday


by NeedANswers! - 5 years ago