job orientation? At Wal-mart? someone plz help?

What should I expect?
ok this is like the first Job I ever had...
and Idk what to expect for the orientation..
I'm going in to work as a cashier which is easy to me
bc my mother owned a small gift store...
but Im worried about the job orientation
If anyone can tell me what to expect...
give me some tips or anything that would be great!
Do you have to wear the khaki pants and navy blue shirt
during orientation? I would hate to be the only one shown up there
with them on and feel stupid! So anyway of helping me out here Id love thanks alot!

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Wal-Mart uses orientation to begin the brainwashing, because after all, they want good Soviets working for them, who will backstab anyone to make a buck without a second thought. They show training films introducing you to the corporate culture, a couple of safety films, and the big anti-union video. They also have a video about employee theft, and then you take a million little training modules on the computer.

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it might be best to treat the orientation with the same importance you treated your interview. and you probably should wear your work uniform or same clothes you would work in to your orentation. at this orientation will be your opportunity to compete with the other job candidates, and you'll want to be professional and courteous as this is how management will remember you and the other job candidates.

this job will be much different from your previous job experience at your mother's small gift store. even snapping and blowing chewing gum may be a negative mark against you at Wal-mart.

remember that you will be competing with others that take their jobs very seriously and would like to climb the ladder of opportunities to maybe becoming a managment level employee, maybe the store manager, maybe the district manager.

Wal-mart is a huge and successful nationwide company, and if you are the right person, you could be promoted to high levels in the corporate structure. this probably will require that you continue your education part-time and earn degrees in business administration.

so think about the importance of developing your goal at Wal-mart and following through.


by Marq - 5 years ago

come to the right person....first of be ON up at least 15 minutes ahead of time...ive refused to do an interview because a person was late and didnt bother to call because they were going to be late.where something nice...slacks or colored jeans are fine ,and a nice shirt.there are going to 2 department managers and one assistant manager doing the interview.basically each of them will ask you some questions, a couple of the question will be the same one but will be worded differently,so dont think your losing your mind when you start thinking youve already answered that question just answer it again.basically they are going to ask you questions referring to your past experience,you can use either personal or job experience to answer these...just dont say "i dont know" examples of questions would be 1) in your previous job when were you and a group of people given a task ,how did you work together to get the task done,and how would you improve it next time...2)in your past experience ,did you ever have to deal with a rude customer ..what did you do to try to make the situation better,what would you do next time to help the situation better...stuff like that...the questions are pretty basic,just relax but dont be so relaxed that you pull out a cigerette and put your feet up on the table...know what i mean?anyways if your talking about after you already have the job and your going to your first day at work then yes you do need to wear the khaki pants and can get them really cheap at the thrift stores in the mens section if you cant find any in the retail stores...they can be light or dark brown pants and the shirt must be navy blue. hope this helps : )


by k-rozz - 5 years ago