How do I put a lean on a client who will not pay?

I have a couple clients who won't pay
I don't want to sue really so I was wondering the steps on putting a lean on these b@stards.

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There are certain types of liens. Mechanic Lien, Medical Lien, or Labor Lien. The Liens are placed against real property which have been worked on or in the case of a Medical Lien, against the Insurance Company or Employer .

In our State, the liens are filed in the District Court Office.
You also have a 30 days period from the time the work was performed to file the lien.


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Lien, not lean.

Loan sharks "lean" on their customers, companies lien.

Anyway, turn them over to collections, or sue.

If they already are refusing to pay, I doubt anything else you do will work either.

Good luck, and remember, in most states you can ask for the debtor to return your court costs (but not attorneys or your time) in small claims court IF you win.

by Gem - 5 years ago

Sorry Old Man, you cannot put a lien on someone without going through the court system which is suing them. The judge decides if a lien is needed or some other finanical repayment method.


by denverlmc - 5 years ago

Well first make sure you don't want them as clients because you will lose them. If the amount is under the limit (varies by state) you can go to small claims court and get a judgement against them. It isn't easy to file a lien against them without legal action and it has to be for specific types of items.

by William - 5 years ago

It's "lien", actually.

I found a website that gives you free language for a lien form at:

Just file it with the Court after that.

by - 5 years ago

A "lien" is merely a notice that a debt is owed and means absolutely nothing if you are not going to pursue it with a lawsuit that will allow you to execute a judgment to enforce the lien.

Send debtors to collection agency if they don't reply to your final notice within 7 days.

by bcnu - 5 years ago