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    Walmart Leave of Absence?

    I have worked for Walmart for two and a half years. My back has been really hurting and my doctor said if it continues she is going to have me out of work with a note. My doctor lives 200 miles away so I can't get in until november. I have had my back x-rayed already and she said it can cause pain and if it does she is going to recommend rest for a couple of weeks to a month and cortosone(sp) shots. She said I will be out of work. I am just worried my appointment is two weeks before black friday. Can Wal-Mart deny me a medical leave of absence seems how it is during that time period of "black out dates?" Black out dates time off requests aren't approved from november 1 to january 2.
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    If a doctor says you can't work, you can't work. Don't expect WalMart to be very understanding though. Has your doctor given you exercises to do to strengthen your stomach & core muscles? Most back pain is due to poor posture and weak musculature. Try to do some research on the web and see if you can find some exercises that will help you. Just don't do anything that makes it hurt worse! Also, I have found that if you use heat (or something like Ben Gay) to warm up muscles before you work, then ice at night (to reduce swelling) it can help immensely. good luck
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    • If you're still in work now the best bet would be to talk to some one in personnel. The only thing I know for sure about the holiday season is no vacation time during then. It doesn't seem right for them to be able to deny you medical leave for any reason. If you've been there 2 and a half year's you probably have a position established there and if you put in effort (not like most people who just do enough to get by and get their check every 2 weeks) they'll most likely be willing to work with you. But if you are by any chance a slacker this may be just the kind of think they're looking for to start forcing you out. I know i started to ramble but i hope this helps.

      by Zach B - a day ago

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