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    Why is it important to understand organizational philosophies and mission statements? ?

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    Mission statements and philosophies defines "why the organization exists" and play a part establishing organizational culture. They also provide the basis for strategic planning. Any goals a company sets for itself should contribute towards the achievement of organizational goals. e.g. if a company has a goal of "selling 150, 000 staplers this year" and their mission statement says "we aim to be a manufacturer of quality American automobiles" they may be headed in the wrong direction. Once the organization has a strategic plan it should should ensure that this flows down to the departments/divisions within the business. So each department makes a plan that contributes towards the achievement of the organizational strategic plan. Further on from that these plans should be reflected in individual plans through the process of performance management. So already in this brief example you see how the mission flows through the company.
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    • Mission statements are the guideline for everyone working for a company to follow. It is what the company expects everyone internally to deliver externally. Also, the statement is a "promise" given to outside customers and clients. The organization ultimately is judged by what it promised. If you ask as a student, it is important that you understand it, so that you can get a good grade on your exam.....

      by RibeiroWorld - 21 hours ago

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