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    How is Blockbuster still in business, when basically everything is pirated on the internet?

    I'm not a pirater, or a blockbuster-hater, I used to always go to blockbuster! Till it moved on our side. But seriously, Movies, Games [PC & Consoles] are cracked, pirated, and on the internet for free. So how is Blockbuster still alive.
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    I know you'll find this hard to believe, but only about 15% of the "average" citizens are computer literate enough to download, share, or pirate files on their computers. Most people are lucky if they can open and read their e-mail. They say too for every house that has a computer there are still 2 households that do not have one. That leaves a lot of folks who still need Blockbuster to be in business. The Blockbuster near my house stays packed all the time. Go figure!
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    Other Answers

    • Because of the honest people like us. and their free movies for 1 month deal.

      by spooked1oo - 19 hours ago

    • ...They have pirated video games on the internet?!!?!?!? But yea I guess thats for the people who dont have computers/ internet and either dont have money to buy stuff or are smart enough to rent a movie they're only gonna watch once or twice, or a video game they can beat in a week. I still use blockbuster for renting videogames that dont have online play. Those are the ones you wont play after you beat it. But seriously, you can get pirated video games on the internet?......... for friggin free?...........

      by EJ - 19 hours ago

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