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    Will a background check show traffic violations?

    I have a really bad driving record. During the past 4 years alone, I've received 5 traffic tickets, 2 moving (speeding), 3 non-moving. I have no criminal record and the jobs that I'm interested in are corporate jobs that don't require I drive a company car. Also, on applications, they don't ask about traffic citations, just misdemeanors and felonies Should I be worried?
    6 months ago 9 Answers

    Best Answer

    I am not sure how worried you should be, but yes, the violations will be discovered on your background check, if the company conducts a driving records check. If they only conduct a criminal check, then probably not. If a company does conduct a driving record check, the violations might indicate a propensity for not following the laws. It is really a personal preference of the HR professional receiving a copy of the background check.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Normal traffic violations would not show but anything that may be on your criminal record, i.e. drink driving would. From what you say, there is no need to worry.

      by Mel - 20 hours ago

    • No. Don't worry unless they plan to give you a company car to drive. Then they'll probably want to take a look at your driving record. But most background checks do not include tickets. They're looking for actual crimes - felonies and misdemeanors.

      by :) - 20 hours ago

    • they usually ask everything. if they find out you lied to them you will loose your job

      by keith.viccars - 20 hours ago

    • It all depends on what job you are applying for. If it's for a normal corporation they normally just call the people in your resume to make sure they do know you and confirm your experience. Privacy laws makes it incredibly difficult for people to check on your driving History. With government jobs they could if they wanted and needed to. There's actually a clause that allows them to when you apply for a government job. But i doubt it'll affect you unless you're applying for a driving type job.

      by ygwild - 20 hours ago

    • Usually just unpaid tickets show.  I doubt they will care about the tickets  Just depends on how thorough a search is done.

      by ? - 20 hours ago

    • I would not worry it is just a traffic violation, but it doesn't stop you from performing your duties, It might be a good idea just to mention it though, it's not as though you've been in jail or murdered someone. I hope you get the job. Good luck. keep that chin up.

      by Minny - 20 hours ago

    • it will show!! yes!!

      by :) - 20 hours ago

    • Well any and everything can show up on a true extensive background check. Ref George Busch DUI and Bill Clinton's Speeding ticket...It basically comes down to what the company wants to know about you.. weather your a poor driver or a paroled murderer...Generally in these corporate management positions it is specific offenses that prevent you from getting hired...IE a retail theft might disqualify you from working in accounts payable the cash cage etc.where as a bad driving record is going to disqualify you from driving a Semi Truck but retail theft might not mean nothing to a trucking company.

      by charles b - 20 hours ago

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