If my package is on the Fedex truck for delivery that loaded not far from a city from my home...?

Why is the estimated delivery in two days?

I ordered a MacBook from Apple, and they gave me a link, my "Apple Order Status" and it gave me all the shipping information, and today the package was actually shipped. (ordered Sunday) I got a tracking number, and the link went to Fedex with the information and time arrivals for my package. They said at 8:05 AM the package was on the vehicle for delivery, in Richland, MS. I live about 40 minutes from Richland. And the estimated arrival time is in two days, on the 10th. Why is this so? Its not that I'm complaining about the time its getting here, for free shipping its actually coming along very well. But since Richland is not that far from my home, is it possible that its going to get here sooner and they just may have misestimated it? Or does the Fedex truck have to make several stops around the statedelivering before they arrive at my house? I have no idea how this works, ha. I'm just wanting to know if it will come sooner, lol. :D

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It has to get from the truck that picked it up (which may indeed have many stops before its day is over) to another FedEx facility, where it is processed through to record its arrival there. Then it gets loaded on the truck that delivers it, the next day, the second day.

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