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    Does Target restock everyday?

    I've rarely go to those type of stores (Walmart, Target etc...) and I was just wondering when they restock everything. I'm going to make a trip there (it's out of my area) to buy dorm stuff for college tomorrow and I was wondering if tomorrow would be the best day. Would it be a good idea to get there in the morning? I don't want the good stuff to be sold out!!
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    The Targets that I know of have no set inventory replenishment schedule. They usually try to maximize the space in the trucks and replenish as many stores as they can. They might not go to a store everyday. For example, a truck might service 2-5 stores on any given trip but also be servicing a multitude more stores. Depending on what item you want, especially if it is not commonly sold, it might not be there the next time you go there even if they restocked their stores.
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