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    Is walmart good at giving employees the time off they request?

    Cause I asked for a week off this comming July.
    a few seconds ago 9 Answers

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    I'm actually a MGR at walmart. Believe it or not your manager doesn't wake up everyday and think, "I love being an asshole". Since you put it a few months ahead of time you probably have a good chance of getting it off. If there is adequate coverage they will approve it. Even if they dont approve it, go talk to your manager explain the situation to them, A lot of managers will be happy to help you out.
    a few seconds ago

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    • I'm sure they're better than my company at it! I have 15 vacation days, and can only bank 5 of them. I requested a vacation 2 months ago, a month in advance, and I'm still waiting. However, a Black employee asked for time off the next week, and our manager maneuvered schedules so that he could get those days off, making me work full time, even though I'm part-time. The Obama effect is already taking place. People don't get mad at me. I'm a minority, and I'm sick of all the bias, no matter who it is, or what race it is. Racism is racism.

      by perfectlybaked - 15 hours ago

    • my son in law works there and he had to call in for his son being operated on yesterday cause they did not give him the day off

      by thanks to our brave troops, - 15 hours ago

    • Put your request in a few months ahead of time. Let the manager know whats going on, see if he can work it out so you can get the time off. Usually they do it in a first come first serve depending on coverage in your area. Even if they deny the time off, talk to them and tell them you have to get the time off, that's why you put in for it so early. The will for sure figure out a way for you to get it off.

      by Cliffy - 15 hours ago

    • As long as you aren't asking for a day off during inventory then there shouldn't be a problem. You've asked well in advance for it (more than 3 weeks out). Did you just ask a member of management or did you put it in the computer. If you didn't put it in the computer, you need to do that so that when the time comes for them to do your schedule for that week they will see it and not schedule you. Also, if it is in the computer they don't necessarily have to wait for that particular weeks schedule to come up to see it. And you can also check in the system and see if they accepted it beforehand.

      by Kmmv - 15 hours ago

    • depends, they'll just do what they want. walmart does not care about you. but they are required by law to give you x amount of time off, so they will, but only if convenient.

      by V C - 15 hours ago

    • U work at Wal-mart? Geeze! :o) I only shop there. :o) Like this past Saturday, I bought some party light bulbs to party out with my dearly widow female friend and some 20 bottles of Budlight beer that was on sale there. :o) I am planning to buy more colored party bulbs, red, green and blue for in house parties. :o) Obviously my wife tends to drive me crazy up the wall.

      by Pain_of_Unhappiness2 - 15 hours ago

    • I heard there was a huge lawsuit about its' managers not allowing employees time for breaks. So it's anyones guess.

      by hot rod - 15 hours ago

    • i don't know but i think you have to earn time by working for so long and that is just a guess

      by some one but not sure who - 15 hours ago

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