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    Why is a walmart a bad place to work at?Best answer!?

    I remember hearing something about a video made about this..Does anyone know what it was about and why they took the time to make a video about working at walmart? Whats so bad about it? Does anyone know what the video is called? Best Answer gets the points
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    I think the film is called Walmart: The cost of low prices Alot of people that work for walmart do not get medical insurance so workers have to go and get Medicaid for themselves or family. Walmart knows that more than 50% of their workers turn for government aid yet the government does not stop these because walmart does help our economy. Walmart has enough money to insure all of their workers but they choose not too. Some walmarts in several southern states admit to using illegal workers for shipment. Its several things. I personally dont hate Walmart I hate their tactics to getting rich.
    a few seconds ago

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    • I don't know what the video was called, but I do know that working at walmart is a horrible experience. My mom worked there for two years, walmart is a horrible place to work because they don't have a worker's union and don't have rights for their workers, they discriminate, paying males and younger employees the highest wages for an easier job, and paying females and older people the lowest wages for the most difficult jobs. They also pay no attention to disabilities or doctor's orders for the employees, it's completely ignored, and many times they just get rid of them so they don't have to deal with their problems. They always fire people for no reason. For example, my mom was fired from walmart, for going to a funeral for her father. That's why it's bad.

      by Kana - a day ago

    • I worked for Walmart for a long time and yes they have questionable methods for a lot of the things they do. But all in all, the people that worked there made the difference and the only reason I miss working there is for the people alone.

      by krabholtz911 - a day ago

    • I work for a part of Wal-mart I work at Sam's club so I can't give a opinion about the Wal-mart store itself but I know at Sam's you get paid more that would be a reason i wouldn't want to work at Wal-mart lol

      by quantumspiderr - a day ago

    • Their motto is do more with less, which means do more work with less hours, or less people. They're constantly looking for a way to keep prices down and put pressure on store managers to keep wages down, which leads to all kinds of practices like shaving hours off of people's time sheets etc. Plus there's currently a huge class action sex discrimination lawsuit against wal-mart, apparently they were passing up better qualified women for manager positions.

      by 006 - a day ago

    • its an ok place if they actually hire you... but the company itself is pretty bad, dont expect to many benifits

      by danger mike - a day ago

    • well walmart is a good place to work i started out making decent money but after 9 months i was making alot i had all my tests and i had a spot open for managment trasining but they dont do that stuff by there ideas it depends on how you work we have slackers yes and we have people that work hard but dont want more money i personally do i pushed to take tests and get all my licsense for everything around the store but yeah its all how you make it to be

      by stoggies - a day ago

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