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    Why do people say not to support Wal-Mart?

    I like shopping there, they have decent prices and we don't have Target or K-Mart where I live.
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    Wal-Mart is a good company with a bad rap. I used to work there, and couldn't make the money I made there doing the same thing anywhere else. So the part about them paying low wages is a load of crap. Yeah, a lot of stuff they sell there is manufactured overseas, but then look at any other retailer and you will find the exact same thing. As for putting others out of business, well, business is competitive, but the good local business adapt in a way that enables them to survive. Personally, I always referred people to local business if the Wal-Mart I worked in didn't have exactly what they wanted. Local pet stores, hardware stores, clothing stores, and grocery stores all got customers because I told them to look there for something we didn't have. As for the lady and the insurance lawsuit. She got reimbursed from two different sources for the same procedure. A person should not get $400,000 for a procedure that costs $200,000. That's fraud. There's other people that need that insurance money. She should have to pay it back or go to jail. Disabled or whatever, it doesn't give her the special right to keep money that isn't hers.
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    • because walmart was trying to jip a woman who worked there out of millions of insurance recovery after she was involved in a terrible accident that left her mentally handicaped

      by morgan t - 16 hours ago

    • I haven't heard that before. I know that there were problems with them discriminating with pay between men and women. Women were being paid less than a man doing the same job. Maybe that's why. I shop there all the time. Great prices and wide selections. I love Walmart myself.

      by somebodys_watchn_you - 16 hours ago

    • Why worry about it...Shop where you want to!

      by Easy - 16 hours ago

    • wal-Mart is evil they havecaused so many mom and pop stores to go out of business. That and alot of their stuff is poorly made junk

      by ktray1275 - 16 hours ago

    • See that logo you have in your picture trix? Well eventually you will be buying walmart brand trix because its cheaper. I dont like them because they put good products on there shelves make a cheaper, unhealthier version of the product and slowly stamp out the competetion. Say I made a awsome BBQ sauce, undisputed as the best in the world to anyone who has tried it. I manufacture it, and of course I have to sell it at wal-mart if I want to make some descent money. Wal-mart in turn analizes it and makes there "wal-mart brand' of it. Which will be crazy cheap because they have so many factories dedicated to mass production and people over sees getting paid 10 cents an hour to make it. And eventually the maker will get pushed out of the market by the walmart brand and probably end up selling full rights of the product over to walmart for dirt cheap. There can be only one! ^^

      by MonkeysPaw - 16 hours ago

    • they dont carry products made in America. i saw a documentary about the ppl that make the clothes and toys for walmart. they work them like slaves and pay them very little. they work a 15 hour day 7 days a week for maybe five bucks a day. they also put small business out, and dont care about the environment or the ppl that work for them. the ppl that work in the actual stores are told to work off the clock and finish they're job before they go home and if they dont do it someone else will.

      by Lindsey=) - 16 hours ago

    • Wal-Mart historically has caused so many small local businesses to close that they are not very popular. They also have some unusual personnel policies. Wal-Mart moCertses in with lower prices than local businesses can compete with. Businesses loose money and close. The number of jobs that Wal-Mart creates is lower than the number of jobs lost. Many people will disagree, but it is not just the business that closes that suffers. All of the businesses and services that a local store uses suffer, and the trickle down effect can be staggering. Everyone shops Wal-Mart for the prices. Everyone should frequent small business in their area and spend some of that saved money. Small businesses represent 80% of the jobs in America. If nobody goes there, nobody works... LUCK!

      by Intruder5 - 16 hours ago

    • Here lately because they sued a woman to get back thier 460,000 dollars they alotted her when ever she was put out of work for a car crash that left her mentally ill. The contract read that if the woman collected in a law suit she would have to pay wal-mart back the 460,000. This is totally fair because int the law suit she collected over a million. I mean why should wal-mart have to take a lick like that when they didn't even cause the problem. People are just not accpeting wal-marts disability policy and trying to take up for the little guy. Go ahead and shop at wal-mart it's better then target of K-mart anyway.

      by LC - 16 hours ago

    • because of the JOBS that they have taken away from North Americans and given to the CHINESE basically, that and the fact they are an ecomic power all by themselves and crush any and all small competitors that stand in their way...so much for free enterprise....

      by fonzatoz 69 - 16 hours ago

    • walmart makes alot of money. but i think some people are not supportive and dont want to shoop there becuz they dont want to be looked at as cheap. i shop there all the time, so i dont know.

      by Hollywood - 16 hours ago

    • Because Wal-Mart exploits third world countries to make all those good quality, inexpensive products ppl buy. They only pay their workers in the philipines pennies a day to work for them. They exploit women children etc etc... and the workers are not allowed to say a word about what goes on...

      by chino82489 - 16 hours ago

    • because they wanted to recoup 400.000.000 from a woman who was badly injured in an accident.

      by Ramjet - 16 hours ago

    • because people concider it one of the worst places to work. they pay low wages compaired to industry standards and for reasons like this: A California court found Wal-Mart broke a state law requiring employers to give staff an unpaid 30-minute lunch break if they worked more than six hours. More than 100,000 Wal-Mart employees in California will be eligible for compensation.

      by mex99b1084 - 16 hours ago

    • It is the only place we have to shop...all the others have closed down since Wal-Mart came to town!

      by AmyE - 16 hours ago

    • I think it's because they can make everything so cheap that the little businesses can't afford to survive anymore as they cannot buy in bulk and therefore sell their stock so cheaply. America really has a problem with this! The UK also has a problem with Tescos etc, but there are hardly any little businesses able to survive in the USA!

      by Lovely - 16 hours ago

    • It is more of what goes on inside wal mart. I don't like the fact that if a case of water or hot chocolate has a dent in it when received they throw the ENTIRE case away instead of giving it to the less fortunate. That goes will all food that happens to have some kind of physical defect. Just so they can get their money. They cut bonus' this year. Instead of getting one 1400 dollar bonus, they get 4 quarterly small bonuses that don't add up. They have very limited pay caps. Someone who is an overnight stocker could work at wal mart for 25 years and never make more than 14 dollars an hour. They make TONS of money, and will not give their employees cost of living raises. I know they are the third largest donator to charity....but its a TAX WRITEOFF!! Wal mart is like a vacuum. It sucks you right in...and its not a bad place to shop....but a bad place to support.

      by Katie P loves metal - 16 hours ago

    • maybe because the family who owns the company is making too much money????

      by Chosen - 16 hours ago

    • then you should just go there is there is no other mall there

      by riku lee - 16 hours ago

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