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    Why is Walgreens so cheap when it comes to its employees?

    I work at a Walgreens in the pharmacy and it gets me so frustrated when they cut hours and yell at you about overtime. Its ridiculous. Then customers get annoyed when they have to wait because there isnt enough staff. The pharmacy dept makes SO much money out of the entire store. Why do they care about overtime?? Why dont they hire more and give more hours?? Im pretty sure they can afford it. When customers leave and take their business elsewhere who is to blame? thats right---corporate.
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    It's all about the greenbacks, man. Corporations rarely care about their employees.
    a few seconds ago

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    • the cooperate world doesnt care about its employees nor its customers

      by Rashad - 16 hours ago

    • Walgreen's is a business like any other, they are in business to make money. They are not "cheap" with their employees. For example Walgreens has one of the best employee profit sharing in the business. Look into joining up for it if you qualify (work over 30 hours a week) They acutally match $3.00 for every dollar you put in! There are also the customer service awards where every employee in your store gets a $25.00 gift card each quarter if you are in the top 9 stores for customer service in your district. Most companies don't offer that. Walgreens is simply trying to keep the overhead down where they can. Why would you want to pay one employee time and a half when you can bring in another who isn't at 40 hours and pay them regular time? It's simply smart business. (Walgreens does actually have something called flexible scheduling for the pharmacy which actually allows more hours when needed in the pharmacy. )

      by mdevlwmn1 - 16 hours ago

    • It's like that every where you go. Corporate has to yell at someone and someone out of corporate has to yell at your boss and your boss has to yell at someone at work. It makes me think of that one commerical about Arby's some kind of sandwich. They say: "why didn't you think of that!". and it goes down the list to the dog. lol.

      by Earl B - 16 hours ago

    • America is a free-market economy model. Walgreens are a business, not a hobby or a charity, they don't exist to give people jobs, they exist to make their shareholders a return. Human beings are the most expensive resource almost any business has to invest in, so ALL viable businesses are constantly battling that fact. You are under no obligation whatsoever to stay!

      by Beau.Gus - 16 hours ago

    • That is any place you work!

      by tgpii - 16 hours ago

    • hey this isn't my brother asking this question is it? I told you not to work for Walgreen's!

      by jloertscher - 16 hours ago

    • You just about answered your own question. Customer satisfaction are words on signs, ads, etc. The common worker is akin to the bees and ants. They are to live and die for the queen. In this case, the queen(s), are the top 3 to 5 people in the corporate ladder. Of course, they have a job to do in that they are "over"-rewarded by company performance(stock price). This is the modern work ethic and procedural protocol except at very few lasting places. The final and lasting effect will be the disappearance of the middle class. Thus, the result will be only two classes remaining. At that time, we will then become ready and available to resume taking the jobs that the illegal immigrants have, as we will be forced to to support our families. When the richest guy in america(buffet) gives most of his money to the second richest guy in america(gates), and he vouches to give it to foreign countries to fight disease,,, go figure. Slavery in the form of employment is where the workforce is today. Upper management continues to promote screw-ups as middle management, as the uppers know that these being promoted can not and will never replace them. The middles make life hard on the hard-working and loyal workers, because they are viable replacements for them, and they know this. This is why the whiners are often protected, and the non-whiners eased along and eased out. So, friend, Walgreen's is no different that most any other. The modern corporate slogan for all employees to understand is this: "We're not happy, 'til you're not happy".

      by no_telling2003 - 16 hours ago

    • The 'boss' at your branch probably has a budget he has to work to and is pretty limited by what he can do from higher up the Corporate ladder. The problem is that if you leave, they will easily get another to take your place, so they don't really give a damn how you feel about their methods !

      by Zeek - 16 hours ago

    • Every company is in business to earn a profit, which includes minimizing costs. Some are better than others. Some do so at the expense of customers, losing them to the competition. That's how the world works, and if their policies don't agree with yours, perhaps it's time to cast your own vote and move on.

      by kckid2 - 16 hours ago

    • get a different job if you dont like it. and take that up w/ your corporation

      by linz_b - 16 hours ago

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