Walmart return policy without receipt?

I got a couple baby gifts that I need to return because I got doubles but I do not have receipts. Is there a limit on how many I can return at one time? I just want store credit to buy what I do need and all the items were purchased at walmart. If there is a limit, can I go to different stores or will that show up as well? I have about 10 items (some smaller-$30 range, a few in the $100 range but I can split it up if its too much at once). Thanks for any advice!

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You should be able to return these items without any problem. If the items total more than $10 you will need to bring a state issued ID with a photo and a signature for the return.

If your returns total less than $25 you can get cash (in my store at least) and if greater than $25 you can get an in-store credit (gift card).

Your entire return, all 10 items, will count as one return. If you have returned items without a receipt in the past, you will only be allowed to do so 3 times every 6 months. If this is a problem, bring a friend and use their ID.


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You are allowed 3refunds/exchanges without a receipt within a 12 mo. period
There are certain items that have their own
guidelines for returns or exchanges. If the item(s) in question are
over $10 in value at the time of return, you must provide a valid form
of government issued ID (driver's licence, passport, Military ID or
INS card). If refunding, you are entitled to the sale price at the
time of return. (WalMart's prices fluctuate all the time, so if you
pay $25 for something 3 weeks ago, and want to return without a
receipt, if the item has been marked down to $20, you get $20. "KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS!"


by Booger - 6 years ago

You will need a valid form of ID. Your only allowed 3 returns without a receipt within a six month period. Make sure to return everything at once, unless its an ungodly amount. Large baby shower returns are very common so they should work with you. If they don't, throw a fit. I don't mean cause a scene, ask for the persons supervisor and speak with them. If they wont take care of you ask for the store manager. If you can't get ahold of a store manager and an assistant manager shows up see if they can help you, if not make a phone call to the store manager. Wal-Mart is all about taking care of the customer, they'd rather eat a few hundred dollars as a loss than ruffle some feathers on a customer. If the store manager is no help you can call the district manager his name and phone number should be avaliable at the service desk. These are just some tips to use if all doesn't go as planned. Just remember, dont take no for an answer and eventually you will hear yes.


by Zach - 6 years ago