How can I use my Wal-mart employee discount online?

I have a Walmart employee discount card, and I'm wondering if I can use it online. Anyone know?

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I was a Wa-Mart associate and helped many people with when I worked in electronics. What you do is on the page search associate discount and it comes up with a page to enter your Associate ID Number (usually your SSN.) Then Associate Card Number (printed on front of card). From there your going to sign-in and link your card to you. Keep in mind when you want to buy something you have to re-enter your card number when you process the order. Follow the link to help you out.


6 years ago

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why not ask your manager or Human resources at wal-mart
they would give you better answers then we could her

by mega,bus - 6 years ago

Annie Satcher

by Adrian Page - 2 months ago