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    Why do people shop at places like Costco?

    Unless you have 10 children to feed or if you own a restaurant, WHY do you need *that* much food? I just don't understand why people think they need things in such excess. Like there is going to be a famine soon or something. Stores like Costco just make me sick. I hate how they sell electronics there, how they sell food in giant containers yet STILL find the need to have a food court in the store. And I hate the gas station Costco has. People who shop there remind me of zombies.
    21 days ago 9 Answers

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    because they think they are saving money and getting in on some super special club or deal. Irony is that often these "bulk" quantity stores prices are higher than at the local grocery store or walmart in smaller packages. I know because I do the math, but most people can't divide nor remember what the prices were elsewhere so they think it must be a good deal. Sometimes it can be cheaper but 75% of the time it is actually more expensive and that is not even considering the membership fees, cost of wasted food, or storage impact cost. The reason they remind you of zombies is because they are in a daze caused by being overwhelmed with attempting to justfy 100 rolls of toilet paper, where they will put them, fitting it all in the car, if they have enough money to invest in 20 pounds of cheetos, and questioning if the price is good usually is enough to melt thier brains all by itself. People assume stuff is cheaper in bigger packages, bigger stores, and bigger unit sizes. Assume is not fact nor scientific.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Have you ever been to a Costco? They sell a lot of things other than giant containers of food. It's great for things such as toilet paper and paper towels that never go bad. For those things, you might as well buy them in bulk because you save money that way. Also, a lot of the people who shop at Costco DO own restaurants or other businesses. Many people also go there when they're having a party or something and need a lot of food. And the electronics? They're cheaper at Costco than they are elsewhere, and Costco has a really great return policy. You can return anything at any time, no questions asked, even after it has been opened. Really, there's no reason that Costco should make you so angry. Not everyone is as wealthy as you are and can spend so much more time, energy, and money paying higher prices at the grocery store. If you're so rich that you can afford to spend more money to buy the same things, then by all means go ahead. But it's unfair to call people zombies just for trying to save a few bucks.

      by Somebody else - a day ago

    • low prices, we're not all as rich as you

      by Ozeki - a day ago

    • I shop there, but I don't do it for food. I do it for everyday stuff, like toilet paper, cat food, etc etc. Less trips to the store for me. They also, by selling en masse, lower their prices more than anyone else. I've been shopping there for over a year; my pocket book is thanking me for it. They wouldn't put a food court in the store if it wasn't being used. Most grocery stores have a deli counter to buy drinks and sandwiches; so do walmarts, kmarts, and targets. You seem very angry at a store that is just doing what it is supposed to; operate a business and make money while providing a service. Costco does that far better than say, Sams club, or BJ's.

      by kt_b_blue - a day ago

    • Zombies are cool. And they need a lot of Cheetos! I mean, like a King Kamehameha size box of Cheetos. Where else are they gonna find one? And zombies have children, they're called emo kids, and they need their razor blades! Where else can they get a 50 pack of razors? If you don't like Costco, go somewhere else! Leave the zombies be.

      by ic2olney - a day ago

    • Wow! What business is it of yours where people shop? What a lot of anger over something that doesn't affect you.

      by Marco M - a day ago

    • Costco is great! Why buy toilet paper for $8 for 12 rolls when you can get like 30 rolls for $8? Also, food wise it makes sense if you eat a lot of one thing (we buy yogurt in bulk). Or meat, we always stock up on meat because it's waaaaay cheaper at Costco than at the grocery store. It's more cost effective.

      by greenpink - a day ago

    • More stuff at a cheaper price..... and just cause its in bulk doesnt mean anything I shop there and I can get damn good prices on fruits and veggies in bulk and theres the toilet paper and shampoos and stuff like that, that come in handy in bulk so your not going to a target or walmart and spending money every week on something stupid when it comes in a big bottle and will last twice as long.

      by Pretty Green Eyes - a day ago

    • because food prices are always going up and in todays economy every penney counts,americans have learned to think that they need more in order to survive,most people today probly would not survive if they were poor and lived in the 1800's we have learned that more is better weather or not it is for real

      by cindy - a day ago

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