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    Is UPS liable if they leave a package on your doorstep and it gets stolen?

    I'll start from the top I guess. I ordered something from Amazon at the beginning of December. It was originally shipped via USPS and got lost in shipping. I inquired about it, and they said they would send me another item. As it turns out, they shipped the new package UPS overnight air. This wouldn't have been a problem, but it was scheduled for delivery the day that I flew out of town. I had already told the post office to hold my mail, thinking it would be shipped USPS again. Well, I called UPS customer service and asked if they could hold it until the 2nd of January so I could pick it up at their facility. They could not. I was told they could change the delivery address while the package was in transit, and somebody would call me that morning (the day it was supposed to be delivered) to verify the new address. Nobody ever called, and I am now in SC and the package is on my apt doorstep in CA. If it's not there when I get back on Jan 2nd, is UPS liable?
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    They are not liable. If a package is designated as signature required, the driver is not allowed to leave it at the door. If the shipper does not specify that a signature is needed, the UPS driver is authorized by the shipper to leave it at your door. They try to conceal it the best they can---inside your storm door or behind a plant. They aren't supposed to leave it in plain view, exposed to the general public. If you live in a secured building, he can leave it at your door. If you live in a walk-up apartment, they leave it with the office. Do you have someone picking up your newspaper who can pick up the package for you? Can you call the apartment manager or a neighbor?
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    • They wouldn't do it if they were liable. Ever since buying a house, every time my wife has ordered something, she's had it shipped to our home (and not to where she or I work) and I've come home to find it on our doorstep. It has to do with the company shipping the product. If they require a signature, it wouldn't be just left on your doorstep for anyone to steal. I recommend immediately contacting a friend or a neighbor you trust to pick up the package and hold it for you.

      by cynic7777 - 14 hours ago

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