My FedEx tracking update says delivery exception. What does that mean?

The package was suppose to arrive Friday, but now it says Monday. Also, under details it says, "Damaged, handling per shipper instructions". Hopefully that doesn't mean it has been damaged in transit. Thanks for any help!

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The package may have been damaged en route to its destination. If it's something you have ordered, the shipper may have requested that Fed-Ex return the package and they will ship out a new one. Other delivery exceptions can be incorrect delivery address, like if the street address isn't entirely correct, or else the city or zip code was entered incorrectly. The label could have fallen off or out of the pouch, or may have become damaged or illegible.

6 years ago

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Not sure, I would call fedex and find out. For some reason I THINK I've seen that before when they've attempted delivery and no one was home.

by bill - 6 years ago

Unfortunately your package has been damaged. Each shipper has set up with FedEx how to deal with there damaged packages. Your best bet right now is to contact your shipper and inform them of this issue most shippers will send you another item ASAP if you have any question please email me


by - 6 years ago