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    What's the difference between Tesco, Tesco extra, tesco metro and tesco express?!?!?

    I don't understand it at all, what's the difference?! Why can't they just have one called Tesco, does there have to be so many?
    10 months ago 9 Answers

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    Tesco is the normal supermarket, Extra is the hypermarket with more lines. Metro is the Urban supermarket and express is the mini-market.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Tesco express is basically a little small shop, like a spar or something. A Tesco extra sells all electronics clothes etc, a Tesco doesnt sell all the extras just basic food and maybe close. http://www.imaginerecruitment.com/jobs/featured/tesco.php that has the different types as links and may tell you the difference

      by Penguin2208 - 6 hours ago

    • the extras and metros dont have the same offers and are 5p dearer on everything . ps if you leave any of you shopping there by mistake and try to reclaim it they will tell you the person after you in the Que stole it or accuse you of telling lies to get free stuff

      by russell c - 6 hours ago

    • Size, in a word. Express, Metro, Superstore and Extra in order of ascendinng size.

      by MarkEverest - 6 hours ago

    • thay are all the same company but carry different stock. tesco extra is massive and you can buy almost anything there - furniture, TVs, clothes, painting + decorating equipment, toys etc etc. metro and express are, i think, in smaller shops in cities, on high streets etc. be aware that you often pay more for the privilege of buying something in, say, an extra store, than you would in plain old tesco. i believe the same applies to metro and extra.

      by twinkly_toes - 6 hours ago

    • tesco major superstore tesco extra has extra things fridge washers etc tesco metro for uban places and there small tesco express just your basics not big enough to do a huge shop just nacessaties

      by kevin and jenna - 6 hours ago

    • alot of the deals arent done in the metros or expresses and im sure some stuff is more expensive at them too

      by Kara - 6 hours ago

    • not a great deal the lines that they stock and the size of the building. But mainly i think its just the way they are spelt lol ;)

      by thecat - 6 hours ago

    • the prices are different in evry one

      by jojo - 6 hours ago

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