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    Working for Wal-Mart now and chance to transfer to Sam's Club, is it better?

    A new Sam's club is being built in my city and I work for Wal-Mart now and wondering if I should transfer. Do they pay more? Anything better to go or just stay?
    a year ago 8 Answers

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    We have both a Wal Mart and a Sam's Club. The Sam's Club is open 10-9 (or something like that) and the Wal Mart is open 24 hours. Wal Mart would have more shifts available because they are open 24 hours. Also, at Wal Mart you get a discount card. If you transfer to Sam's you have to turn it in and you will receive a Sam's Club membership. I don't know what Crazy Cat Lady was referring to when she said Sams Club has better benefits. They both have the same medical, dental and benefits. The only difference is the Sams membership or the Wal Mart discount card. In my opinion, the discount card is more beneficial to me. Good luck with which ever job you choose!
    a few seconds ago

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    • That's kind of a simple minded view of your cousin not being able to find a better job after 5 years of working at WM, don't you think? Kinda stupid. Makes no sense. What you should ask is, why? So it's WM fault not his? Did he advance himself and his abilities, capabilities, knowledge.. in those 5 years?? Did he move up and take on more responsibilities earn more important titles to put on his resume' or did he push carts for 5 years?

      by USArms99 - 4 hours ago

    • You need to speak with a personnel rep at Sam's Club and find out what the benefits, wages, etc are at Sam's Club, compare them to what you receive now from Walmart and then make an informed decision.

      by ROADRUNNER - 4 hours ago

    • Imo, Walmart is much better than Sam's Club. ^those people listed the reasons/

      by Jeen_171 - 4 hours ago

    • I used to work at Sam's club. It's not really that great. I think they my have a larger variety of departments (meat, deli, ect) It was really odd to work in a warehouse enviroment. Kinda creppy!

      by Ultimate Guitar Hero! - 4 hours ago

    • i personally think wal mart is better because it is cleaner and you can do everything at wal mart that you would do at sams. but it depends, will you get paid more? better hours?

      by Daisy - 4 hours ago

    • my cousin worked at walmart for 5 years, after that, you would think hed be able to get a decent job somewhere right? 5 years of job experience. Other companies actually wouldnt hire him because they saw 5 years at walmart on his resume. They look at walmart employees as uneducated, unmotivated, and anyone who would work at walmart for 5 years, obviously has no ambition. Gotta love walmart!

      by Foamy4President - 4 hours ago

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