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    Working on day vs. night pay scale?

    I'm not sure if all companies have this, but where I work, we have day hours, overtime hours, and night premium hours on our timecard online computer. If you work in the day time, you get paid your regular unless its overtime. But I hear not just in my company, but others as well, that if you work night premium hours, you get paid more. Is this true? My supervisors won't tell me because no one has worked through the night except me, so to get an answer from them will take time until i work say a month night straight. Anyone or any company know about the night pay scale based on that time computer?
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    Where I worked in a factory I got 8.50/ hr for day shift, 9.25/hr for night shift and time and a half for over-time. So technically if you work night premium hours you should get more money for the same hours just because that's the "night incetive pay".
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    • Working on day vs. night pay scale?

      by ? - 15 hours ago

    • the company i work at has days (base pay) 2nd (.25 cents a hour extra) and 3rd (.50 cents a hour extra) on top of overtime and such.

      by Who knows - 15 hours ago

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