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    Does Wal-Mart give vacation days?

    I`ve only been working there 2 weeks but I was just wondering if employees at wal-mart get vacation days and I also need sundays off im 16 and I work part time as a cart pusher
    2 years ago 13 Answers

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    Yes you do get vacation days. I don't know about Sundays, you have to request them but make sure you have a good reason for needing Sundays off. (Religion, Parents)
    a few seconds ago

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    • Hell yeah!!! Good for you!!!! Not only does Walmart give vacation days, they also have a health plan and a competitive benefit package. Congratulations to you and your career!!!! A very wise decision on your part.

      by Big Feet - 10 hours ago

    • 1 yr- 40 hrs 5yr-80 hr 10yr-120 hr

      by Charles S. - 10 hours ago

    • Yes, they are legally obliged to give you vacation days. Check your employee handbook. However, you probably have to work there for a certain amount of time before you earn vacation days.

      by h_a - 10 hours ago

    • you get vacation time and sick days...but it takes a while to accumulate them....but they arent gonna give you sundays off babe..hate to break it to ya...being able to work weekends was one of the whole reasons you got hired there...as a matter of a fact you have to be available any time any day....sorry.

      by Amanda R - 10 hours ago

    • well after 90 days they sometimes will give you days off with pay. But not sure they do that for part time.

      by sobe_it_69 - 10 hours ago


      by tina g - 10 hours ago

    • You should have put that you are not available on Sundays when you applied. You accumulate vacation days by how many days you work to begin with. Working for about 1 Month= 1 Vacation Day, But you can always call out!

      by kyle - 10 hours ago

    • Walmart, oh how I don't miss that place. I was employeed there for a year, before they even considered me full time even though I worked 40 hours a week I was still considered part time. If your 16 then no, you don't get vacation time because you wouldn't even be considered part time. Usually they are lenient but no you won't get paid for vacation time.

      by crymeariver - 10 hours ago

    • yes they do. but get away from wal-mart its a horrible place to work

      by music man - 10 hours ago

    • Get it right, you are not a Wall Mart worker, you are a Wall Mart slave, and have no rights.

      by bgee2001ca - 10 hours ago

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