What is the SWIFT CODE of Banco De Oro?

I have a Bank Account in Banco de Oro and i opened that account in their branch in NOVALICHES PROPER Q.C.
Now, i wanna know what is the SWIFT CODE of Banco De Oro?
Or should i have to include their Branch Location?

Does Banco De Oro Novaliches Proper branch has its own SWIFT CODE also?
Or the SWIFT CODE of Banco De Oro UNIVERSAL Bank can work at any branch of BDO?
PLease help me with this!
I need to know this information for my Moneybookers account!

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Every bank has 1 swift code, regardless of the branch.

Banco De Oro Universal Bank, Philippines: SWIFT CODE: BNORPHMM

The 2 sites below are for you to verify the swift code only. Ignore other details.


7 years ago

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wht is the router number of banco de oro?

by MiqueLhyn - 7 months ago

I am working here in Vietnam my wife have her account in BDO Lucena City Quezon province Branch, my company asking me a swift code and routing code from BDO Lucena City branch, kindly help me to have this so that I can send money to my family in Philippines.

Thanks and regards,
leandro valle rama

by Arcadio - 6 months ago

i have a bank account in BDO Cogon cagayan de oro and I badly need the swift code..can you please give it to me

by Kylene - 5 months ago


by ralph - 5 months ago

number code of BDO

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what is Swift Code: why BDO send me a Paper Mail ..And Said We are happy to welcome you in BDO Unibank

Plss Help me Thank you

by Spider - 3 weeks ago