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    One of the goals you have set for yourcompany is to "expand our product line." this statement is?

    A. a short-term goal B. a valuable addition to your mission statement C. not clear and not measurable D. a slow-growth option
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    C. Not clear and not measurable. Here's the reasoning behind this choice: Expanding your product line can be both a short-term goal and a slow-growth option. You can immediately decide to expand your product line. After all, McDonalds didn't start out with just one hamburger... they had cheeseburgers too. And fries, and cola, etc. They had more than one product, and they did so rapidly. They also use it as a slow-growth option. Every company needs to grow slowly too. This is how you keep your revenus going up and up. B. It's not a valuable addition to a mission statement, as a mission statement is a bried statement of the purpose of a comany... For example, Johnson & Johnson's mission statement (or credo), begins with: We believe our first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses and patients... It's who you are and why. D. As stated earlier, expanding a product line can be a slow-growth option... but it isn't always that way... So... there you have it, your homework done for you... :)
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