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    What are your strengths/ weaknesses.. job interview?

    what do i answer in a question like that? i dont really know what they are? can someone help me make **** up
    a few seconds ago 6 Answers

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    Strengths- Always on time, team player. Weaknesses- Perfectionist,workaholic
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • For your strengths - tell them what they are - examples being responsible, energetic, always finding solutions to difficult problems. You should cite an example of an accomplishment of yours to support. For your weaknesses - name one that is not central to the requirements of the job, say that you recognize that it's not your strong point, and comment that you are doing something to correct that weakness of yours. For example, if you are an accountant, you can say that you don't have a lot of technical knowledge about a certain software package, but did something about it by taking a class on it, quizzing your IT colleagues on how to work it, so that you are now pretty proficient at it. Or you can say that you are a perfectionist - because you are detail oriented and responsible, but took too much time on minute things at the expense of the big picture. Now you learned how to make better use of your time by prioritizing and delegating some tasks to others.

      by Silverkris - 16 hours ago

    • bascially the person want2 know what ur good at and bad at... ur strengths meaning what u can do best and weakness is wat u can do less

      by zykoe1208 - 16 hours ago

    • Best answer is... "Nothing is a strength or weakness unless it is in context. For example, being very chatty is great in a social setting, but during a lecture is not so great. Upper body strength is great when lfiting weights, but not so great when running a long distance. My strength is that I am able to determine what best suits the context and apply that skill set or characteristic." Employers think this question is so clever... Good luck.

      by TheSlayor - 16 hours ago

    • Strength - confidence, talk clearly, sit up straight, dress appropriately, don't ramble when talking

      by E M M A - 16 hours ago

    • When I went through workfirst job orientation they told us that You tell them tings like work good with others or independently, team player, able to trouble shoot, open to change, enthusiastic, willing to learn . . . any of these doing it? Do not lie!! you have to be good at something. Even if it is Yahoo!Answers. Plus that could be terms to get fired. Weaknesses are just strengths reversed. Like . . . when I see something that needs done I cannot leave it , I try to make the best of given situations, people who I meet say I am friendly. Do you get it? If not e-mail there are more.

      by Northwestrelaxin - 16 hours ago

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