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    walmart check scam?

    Is it really true about the check situation at Wal-mart. One of my friends told me that the place where he works is close to a walmart. He told me the supposedly all of the businesses were given letters about check fraud going on at different walmarts around the country, and that the cia, fbi, and secret service agents are some how involved. According to my friend and some online sources walmart employees will get a camera phone and get information off of somebodies check. They will use the persons bank account and by walmart gift cards off of it some how. Does anybody know about this?
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    Yes but its not Wal-Mart employees it is the company that scans the checks you write to them. I got a letter stating that one of the employees at Certegy check services had stolen peoples account info and sold it to a data broker. My info was one that was stolen. They sent me this lovely letter about how they do extensive background checks on their employees, guess they weren't extensive enough.
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    • It's a scam that people made checks at home with false accounts and would purchase gift cards...easier than doing shopping. And then later would use them or sell them to others for 3/4 the value. As for the camera thing..that's anew one on me.

      by mad as hell - 19 hours ago

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