Does anyone know if Oreilly Auto Parts drug test for a regular store employee?

i dont use drugs anymore, ive been clean for 2 weeks, i just want a straight out answer. thank you.

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7 years ago

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Just hide in a toilet and collect samples.

by Tohdman - 7 years ago

I think they drug test to make sure you are hi. That is a job requirement- you must be hi to work there.

by Willie B - 7 years ago

Stop doing drugs. You are damaging your brain.

by notyou311 - 7 years ago

Most places like that will do a drug test. Oh by the way,the Urinalysis is a thing of the past. Most companies will have you go to a clinic where your hair will be plucked out with the root attached(they get to do it).
This way they can tell what drugs you've been using for the last ten years.

by saulg21 - 7 years ago

if your leery, don't do drugs.


by mel - 7 years ago

Don't do drugs and you won't have to worry.

by Phil - 7 years ago