walmart assessment test answers?

I worked at walmart before for two years and now I cant pass the assessment test for employment. Can any body tell me their answers? please.

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When answering assessment questions think low risk, and good associate. Most test are designed to weed out job hoppers and those that tend to be flaky. They ask questions like "how many times have you been complimented by a superior" -- you say 4-5 -- "how many days of school/work have you missed in the last year" you say 1-2 -- if they ask questions like "do you like extreme sports" say no -- get the gist?? Hope this helps.


7 years ago

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Dude..seriously? Are there questions in quantum physics?

by Darkness hates Light - 7 years ago

Oh maaaan - do you realize how pathetic that is?

PS TallGirl

It's Resource - not Resourse

If you're going to lie about your job - at least spell it right

by Michael F - 7 years ago

where is the questions?

by bilahari a - 7 years ago

the answer to question 3 is 56789.
well ok seriously..........when it asks you a question like paul is dealing with susan,she is upset about something your department didn't do... you should, and then gives you an ABC or D choice .............try and think about the answers and what answer walmart would like you to pick

by jezzika - 7 years ago