how do I get a hold of Ebay to inform them of my current email addresses ?

The one I used to sign up was and my priority email is now I need to inform Ebay of this change. How do I get a hold of Ebay? My Ebay handle is Aquarius-ox. Do I have to sign up all over again?
If I do that all the good comments from people that dealt with me will be gone I gather! Anyone know the answer how to let Ebay know of my priority email
I need to know and also to inform them of my website:
and I want to get a stormpay account.. I think they are supported with Perhaps when Paypal gets the bugs out of theirs I will consider them as alternative payment choice for customers. Well main thing is how do I inform Ebay of my business priority email address:
Can't login with old information.. I have dialup so my old info will be expired
and besides I tried got Aquarius-ox Account Cannot be found!

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You simply log into your ebay account using your old information -- and then put in your new contact information such as your email

7 years ago