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    Does a part time employee who has worked for WalMart for 8 months get holiday pay?

    a few seconds ago 2 Answers

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    Generally part-time employees get no benefits, and generally WalMart employees get crappy benefits, so I would assume not.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Holiday pay would depend on if it is an 'official holiday' recognized by that institution. Christmas and Thanksgiving are national holidays, and no matter if you are PT or FT, if you work on either of these days, you should be reimbursed time + half of your regular wage. Check your employee handbook for recognized holidays. My husband's work does not recognize July 4th as a holiday, but it does recognize Columbus Day. I know that's stupid, but that is what that company has written. As far as VACATION pay, employers are not bound to offer vacation to part time employees. Full time employees, after one year of service are by law to get 3 days paid vacation.

      by Kanakalele - 17 hours ago

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