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    Does FedEx deliver on Saturday?

    I have Motorstorm (PS3 Game) coming in soon. My FedEx tracking page says that is "On FedEx vehicle for delivery." Does this mean that my item will come today? Or does it mean that it is just on the truck and waiting to be delivered on monday? Any help would be great because Motorstorm looks awesome!
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    well this question can be answered yes and no yes FedEx will deliver a package If the shipper paid for Saturday deliver (most business don't do this)[since that's an extra fee] but if it was send FedEx ground/Home delivery for no additional fees] then yes FedEx home deliver *will deliver* on Saturday providing the shipper used FedEx GROUND.. [home delivery is a offshoot of FedEx ground]
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    Other Answers

    • If it was scheduled to be delivered next business day and was sent on Friday it will be delivered on Monday of following unless the shipper requests Saturday delivery(call 1 800 go fed ex because all areas do not have saturday delivery)if it was sent ground depending on where you live it can take 2 to 5 business days when you get package keep the box it came in and make sure the package is okay and that your piece is undamged if it is please let the shipper know they have 10 business days from the day it is reported(including sat and sun)to make a verbal report(have tracking number and shipping info available make sure they also document the person's name they talk to date time id number)then they have 15 business days to mail a certified letter to the corporate office(bring it to the attention of Fedrick Smith he is the owner and will cut out a lot of the red tape and frustration)with the aforementioned info also add who you talked with on the day you made your verbal complaint.If the driver misses you he will usuallly leave a door tag(he can leave the package outside the door if he feels it is safe the only things that can't be left outside the door or given to a neighbor at the request of the receiver is medcine)the driver will make 3 attempts to deliver the package if he can't then it goes back to the hub(where drivers are out of call and find out where the hub is in your area)and it will be held for 14 business days.If no one comes and claims the package it is sent back to the shipper with added costs of shipping and handling thanks hope this helps(also wanted to add that if driver forgets and doesn't drop it off or it gets put on the wrong truck it will be rerouted(correct truck will have to be found)it will show in system that it is still on truck for delivery and will delay your receiveing time)

      by radar - 4 hours ago

    • FedEx delivers on Saturdays. If anything, all depending on the delivery option that was chosen, it will get there on Saturday. Priority Overnight (before 10:30 AM)? Yes. Standard Overnight (before 3:30 PM)? No. 2Day (two days from the delivery date (before 4:30 PM)? Yes. Express Saver (three days from the delivery date (before 4:30 PM)? No. These are your options.

      by Nate - 4 hours ago

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