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    (thesis help) Why are fast food chains successful?

    this is my current topic but i am planning to narrow it down.. can you also help me choose? =) -competition between fast food chains -impact of advertising to fast food success -shifting of fast foods to local tastes -success factors of fast foods -location -advertising -shifting to local taste -menu do you know any resources in the net? i'm really having a hard time researching. tnx a lot!!
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    Competition, and shifting to local tastes are the major reasons (notice an increased amount of varying sides and salads at most places). There is also speed of food preparation and low prices. The main foods in these places are also high in fat, salt, and sugar, which are the components that make any food taste good. There is more and more variety, especially since restaurants are working together, like Taco Bell and KFC sharing their kitchen, or in Canada, Tim Hortons and Wendy's. Location is important in cases where nothing else is available, for example if you put a fast food joint on a university campus, there's not always many affordable alternatives. Also, since Walmarts are replacing the idea of the traditional mall, there's only one place for many shoppers to eat, since McDonalds is usually the only restaurant inside a Walmart. According to the movie Supersize Me, advertising creates hype for kids, which is likely true. Kids go crazy for McDonalds because they offer a complete dining experience for them, like toys, and playgrounds. Even the entire restaurant looks like a toy. But personally, I think kids like fast food because that's the best tasting food they get to eat. When I was younger, my mom would make real gourmet burgers, and home fries, so in the rare case that I was in a McDonalds, I really didn't care much for the tiny unsatisfying bland meals. I'd just go for the 49 cent cones. Lots of today's parents who "just don't have the time" to make a decent meal that doesn't involve the words "instant" or "helper" aren't able to compete with McDonalds. I'd just like to add, however, that there's nothing wrong with having fast food every once in a while. It's like eating candy, or a bag of chips. When I was travelling to a different country once, and got food poisoning from some local food, I was able to go to their local McDonalds, and get food that did not make me sick. And it didn't need to be bad food. I just had a chicken sandwich and a milk. There's no rule saying you must get fries and a soda.
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    • The golden arches does not serve high quality food and in fact it is not very tasty either. Early on they targeted the very young in advertising and the young naged the parents to buy. Now those same are taking their grand children to the arches to have some of that not so good food. Immage and advertising has turned the little hamburger place on the street corner into a global business worth billions. No the product was and is not that good but the children were convinced and now they are old like me and still eat it. I do not.

      by minus - 4 hours ago

    • As an American, I can answer that fast food answers a few of Americans cravings: The need for immediate gratification, ease of acquisition, large portions for very little money, and for the most part, it doesn't taste that bad.Oh and don't forget probably the most important; familiarity. We will go half way around the world and the first thing we look for is that little taste of home. Good luck on the writing.

      by utopian citizen - 4 hours ago

    • fast food chains are successful because they all are following a proven business model. after the first mcdonalds were put up and they made all the mistakes. after they figured out exactly how to be successful they then made their busness model available for other oeople to buy into. also known as franchising.

      by emanon1999 - 4 hours ago

    • "Because they put an addictive chemical in it that makes you crave it fort-nightly smart***" Sorry, I had a "So I Married An Axe Murderer" flashback. I do think there may be some truth to that, though. Also, it is cheap, fast, and readily available on every street corner.

      by Sara - 4 hours ago

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