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    Do I need to put the "LLC" after my business name on my business card?

    I heard from someone that it is required that you put LLC after your business name for all documents. Is this true? If state laws apply, I live in Wisconsin. Any law experts out there?
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    Best Answer

    Yes, if you have an LLC which is a special type of corporation, you need to add the LLC to the business name.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • If you have created a Limited Liability Corporation, then yes, you should have this listed in your company name, just as you would have Inc. listed if you were Incorporated. Otherwise, no.

      by abfabmom1 - 20 minutes ago

    • If you are business is qualified as LLC meaning limited liability corporation, you need to add that to the end of your business on the card! It's useful if someone sues you or anything like that because then the business will be considered as a limited liability so you won't be entirely responsible. Only limited. It helps!

      by abe_cooldude - 20 minutes ago

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