Is Lowe's owned by Wall-Mart?

This has been bugging me for a long time! They have the same color scheme, are both named after a guy (not the same guy like Wall Mart and Sam's Club...but still), and are most always next to eachother. Also, Wall Mart doesn't sponser a car in NASCAR, and Lowe's does, but Wall-Mart always has NASCAR commericals in the store...

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Lowe's is a publicly traded company listed on the NYSE. Like all publicly traded companies, it is owned by the shareholders.


7 years ago

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Nope. But perhaps they have hired the same designers...

by CPAKeith - 7 years ago

If by Lowe's you mean LOWES, then NO! it is not owned by wall-mart.... maybe they're just really good friends.... but they are not 'related' ....


by Jess W - 7 years ago

walmart blows

by 007 - 7 years ago