Why did Kentucky Fried Chicken change it's name to KFC?

I like it as KFC, it sounds cooler

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To hide the word Fried, which is considered to be less healthy than other ways of cooking. Also, they have other types of food besides chicken and they have other ways of cooking besides frying.

8 years ago

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It is an acronym.

by EAA Duro - 8 years ago

Because when they decided to go public about their animal cruelty fascination, they wanted to loose their bad reputation. They think some dummy is actually going to buy KFC thinking it's not Kentucky Friend Chicken. ******** fast food chains.

by Debbie Downer - 8 years ago

KFC is quicker to say and as radio tv advertising is compressed to a certain amount of time....... Plus KFC sticks in the mind more.
mmmmm gonna get me some fried chicken. Where?
Kentucky Fried Chicken
your right it does sound cooler.

by Grev - 8 years ago


by susan s - 8 years ago

It was a marketing decision. Who wants to eat fried food anymore?

by johnnylakis - 8 years ago

kentucky tried dickin,an itty bitty chicken. i like finger dickin chicken myself.but thats just me.

by thunderstruck - 8 years ago

because the word fried is sounded abusive to animals and was going against the idea of eating a healthy meal.

by Mike - 8 years ago

many media/ad agencies have shortened their company names to acronym to keep up with the times. In short, it's a trend thing.

you are right though about KFC sounding cooler than Kentucky Fried Chicken. Besides, KFC is known globally for the chicken so there is no fear of identity loss

by warasouth - 8 years ago

well i guess so people won`t have to say ' Kentucky fried chicken ' they shortened it to kfc besides it has a nicer ring to it.

by - 8 years ago

I can't believe no one mentioned the "mutant foul that can't be called chicken" theory listed in the link.

A move to de-emphasize "chicken" because KFC planned to offer a varied menu that included other types of food. (The

Boston Chicken corporation took the same approach for the same reason, changing their name of its retail food outlets to Boston Market.)

A desire to eliminate the word "fried," which has negative connotations to the increasingly health-conscious consumer market.

A recent trend towards the abbreviation of long commercial titles, as demonstrated by other companies' employing shortened forms of their names.


by mike1985x - 8 years ago

The main reason was the animal cruelty thing. The other reason was to make it smaller/easier to pronouce/cooler-somewhat like when Federal Express changed to FedEx.....


by Savant - 8 years ago

So they could expand into areas other than chicken.

by hirebookkeeper - 8 years ago

There were actually a number of lawsuits against Kentucky Fried Chicken... animal cruelty was one of the weaker suits. There were too many cases of customers biting into a bleeding chicken leg! They were able to avoid many suits by becoming a "new" company. This is usually described as a 'fly-by-night furniture company' type of operation. Shady, but if the marketing is done right, it works well. KFC actually tried (briefly) to change to Kitchen Fresh Chicken, but that did not fly far.

by peanut0659 - 8 years ago