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    Help with conversation starters?

    I work at a somewhat fast food chain. (Fro-yo) I will get fired very soon if I don't start having personal conversations with EVERY customer. I have been working there for about a year and a half and I am the assistant manager. They told me I only have my position because I am the only one in the store that understands how to run a business. However, my customer service sucks. I try to make small talk, but I am extremely shy around people I don't know so if I don't really get a response from the customer I don't really try to pry into their lives. That's something I hate about Starbucks because every time I go I feel like I am being interrogated. I don't want my customers to feel creeped out when they leave. So, I just stick to my very friendly helpful attitude. I work in a hotel so most of the time I can ask where they are visiting from, how they like our city...but half of the time if I don't get an initial response I feel like it is just weird for every one. I have had plenty of great letters sent to our corporate office and reviews online saying "If you go to...go see...because she is so sweet and will make sure you leave with the perfect yogurt..." But, my store said that being sweet is not their standards, and bubbly conversation is. Even though we have a few complaints a week about how weirded out a customer is that we have a conversation with them and just pretend that they are answering our questions. So real question, does anyone have any ideas about things I can say to have a conversation or try to get them to respond or stuff I can just talk about that doesn't need a response. I would love to get another job but I can't really find anything that will pay my as much as I make where I don't have to talk to anyone.
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    I have worked at a lot of places,and here are a couple of facts. 1. People dont go to stores for conversation.thats what ann landers is for 2. If you are the only one who understands how to run the business,they arent just going to fire you.most places have trouble finding good help,and if they act like that they have trouble keeping it. 3. I have only been fired from a few jobs,and there are only 2 things that really get a person fired on the spot. -telling the boss or another manager to **** off or an outright disrespect of the business establishment -stealing more from the business than you contribute(I could explain this,but im not going to,lets just call this a morally gray area) I say you should just listen to the regulars.people know what they want when they go into a store,and its not to be creeped out. thats where your money comes from,and any halfway smart boss knows this. the ones who dont arent in business for long.just do what i do- keep it short and simple,and dont **** with success.
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    • in your case i will say that maybe you are trying to start the conversation but it sounds that they can barley hear you when you pitch the conversation. too bad you really have to talk to costumer because for the most part the costumer should always start the conversation not the employee, unless you work as a sale rep. from my own experience i work as a hair cutter which include lot of talking, and for me to keep up with the customer or even have something to say i have to do couple of things like watch the news, read the newspaper, read books, or part of books, magazine ETC. but different is from my job to your is that i have the customer next to me for about 30 min or so. hope my answer can help you and go ahead be the one breaking the ice.

      by ineverhesitate - 15 hours ago

    • Well for that you should see http://biznuss.net OR answers.yahoo.com

      by Gia - 15 hours ago

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