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    How long does it take for your State Return to be accepted?

    I efiled my taxes at efiletaxreturns.com 4 days ago, and I noticed my federal return was accepted (3 days ago), but my state return is still waiting acknowledgement. How long does it normally take for the state return to be accepted? I'm not sure if I made a mistake or not. I had prepared everything 1 month ago at efiletaxretuns, then just signed in again this week, clicked a bunch of 'continues' and filed both at the same time. When I was done, I noticed my state return was $673, which was obviously wrong, since it had previously shown $7, and another site, turbotax, had shown $7 also. Later that day, I went back to efiletaxreturns and it had been changed to $7, so it should be right, but why did it initially say $673 right after efiling? So very confusing.. any answers are appreciated!
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    it take a week for them to accept ny return it then its 4-6 weeks to recieve your refund
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