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    Can I cash a personal check written out to me, if I'm in the negative, but won't be in 2 days?

    a few seconds ago 6 Answers

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    Only if you take it to the bank that it's written on.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • No, because check cashing places run the check through a machine that instantly transfers the money from your account ( just like a debit card). If you have no money, the check will bounce.

      by Steve R - 18 minutes ago

    • you can't cash it at you own bank

      by whatrent - 18 minutes ago

    • No I don't think you can if you don't have the same amount or more in your account. However, I think if you go to the bank on the check you might be able to cash it.

      by Stephanie W - 18 minutes ago

    • depends. if you take it to the bank that the check is drawn off of, you should be able to get the money as it comes from the payors account. but not if you take it to your bank. most banks have the policy that if you're in the red and want to cash a check, they want at least enough money from that check to put you back at a zero balance.

      by Heather Honey - 18 minutes ago

    • Not from your own bank, they will tell you that you have to make a deposit. You could go to another bank but some will charge you a fee if you don't have an account set up with them, unless the check is drawn from that bank.

      by ~*Yesterdays Promises*~ - 18 minutes ago

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