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    How much tax/EI/CPP will come off my paycheck (Southern Ontario)?

    I am never sure how much I'll make because I can't seem to find a pattern in the income tax, EI and CPP (Canada Pension Plan) that comes off each of my paycheques. I've worked 82.5 hours this next cheque, at $10.25/hour, which would put me at $845.63 before deductions. Can anyone help me figure this out??
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    I take for granted that you are on a biweekly pay period. According to the online payroll calculator your paycheque should look like this Salary or wages for the pay period 845.00 Total EI insurable earnings for the pay period 845.00 Taxable income 845.00 Cash income for the pay period 845.00 Federal tax deductions 53.32 Provincial tax deductions 27.33 Requested additional tax deduction 0.00 Total tax on income 80.65 CPP deductions 35.16 EI deductions 14.62 Amounts deducted at source 0.00 Total deductions on income 130.43 Net amount 714.57 http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/esrvc-srvce/tx/bsnss/pdoc-eng.html
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    • It will be about 40% roughly. Yes they take a lot off these days. It isn't fair but expect to pay a lot of taxes here in southern ontario. Good Luck I am estimating. They do take at least 30% for sure.

      by Jodyanne - 6 hours ago

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