worth it to obtain CPA designation in Canada?

I have a degree in accounting and was planning on obtaining a CGA designation afterwards. After looking into it more I became turned off of the fact that CGA is not internationally recognized because eventually I would really like to work abroad for a few years (Europe and Asia). For that reason I am looking at obtaining the CPA designation instead of the CGA. The CPA also seems a lot quicker which is also why I'm tempted to go that route vs the three years of courses through CGA for a designation that isn't really that recognized outside of Canada..kind of seems like its not worth all the work. My main concern is how a CPA would be looked at in Canada and whether I'd have trouble finding work here. Are there any Canadians that live and work in Canada with a CPA designation?? I would greatly appreciate some insight!

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there are some CPAs in canadian public practice who do canada-US taxes, and cross border transfer pricing cases.

Getting a CPA may make sense for you if, as u said above, u wish to work in asia or europe, or that you work in accounting for a company with subsidiary or headquater in usa or canada.

4 years ago

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no sense/reason getting a CPA unless you want to work in public accounting

by Doctor Deth - 4 years ago